Whenever winter is mentioned, my brain conjures up Christmas for some reason. Although Noël is not celebrated widely in where I originally come from, however I cannot deny the fact that it is one of the best events of the year. I mean it really carries mixed emotions over your spirit. 

Starting from Christmas week until the New Year, commonly those who have responsibilities tend to suffer more stress; choosing the right gift for their spouse and kids or a close friend can be a bit stressful due to their expectations and generally stressing over the extra financial charges to be spent over this period, even if you cannot spend much you do not need to over worry about it as it is all valued and they will appreciate your effort and maybe all they need from you is to be there and to share good moments with them. 

Here are some tips on how to possibly stay positive during the festive period: 

Be positive 

Be positive and go with the flow.

Avoid social media 

The thing related to this is comparison; social media is double-sided it could be good for some but around the festive season I tend to avoid it as it drains my energy and may ruin the enjoyment.


Christmas is another word for happiness so remember, have a lot of chocolate and when you’ve had enough have even more :)

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