Time to Change Wales is delighted to launch its impact report which captures and celebrates its anti-stigma work between 2018-2021. The report serves to highlight the significant progress made towards realising a vision of an inclusive Wales where people’s lives are not limited by mental health stigma and discrimination.

Below are some key highlights from the report:

  • 106 Anti-stigma talks given by individual Champions
  • 187 Pledged organisations to date (72 in Phase 3) representing approximately 320,000 Employees in Wales – roughly 1 in 4 of the Welsh workforce
  • 666 Employee Champions undertook training with us
  • 92% of Employers have seen a positive change as a result of signing the Pledge
  • A new Employer toolkit launched in 2019 and has led to over 300 Employer accounts being opened to support workplace wellbeing
  • 75% of Champions report increased confidence as a result of their involvement with Time to Change Wales
  • 12,258 Twitter followers (19% increase)
  • 15,692 Facebook fans (12% increase)
  • Award-winning Talking Is A Lifeline men’s mental health awareness campaign
  • In the Public Attitudes to Mental Illness Survey, 5% of the adult population in Wales have improved attitudes to mental illness, showing more understanding and tolerance representing an estimated 129,000 adults in Wales.

Together with Champions, Employers and partners, Time to Change Wales has made significant strides over the last three years and this report seeks to highlight many more experiences from Champions and key achievements.

Time to Change Wales Impact Report 2018/2021 is now available to download by clicking here.

Thank you for your continued support.

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