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Time to Change Wales’ response to COVID-19

We want you to know that we are still here for you in these difficult and unprecedented times. Now, more than ever it’s important we show kindness to one other. Giving and receiving acts of kindness can help to improve mental wellbeing by creating positive feelings. 

There are still a number of ways to get involved with the Time to Change Wales campaign - whether that be through virtual pledge signingsvirtual anti-stigma talks, virtual Employer workshops, writing a blog, downloading our free resources or showing your support on social media. Face-to-face delivery of our work is being suspended given the current circumstances.

We are inviting people to take part in a survey to find out about experiences of mental health stigma since government restrictions were introduced for the coronavirus pandemic.

Please get in touch to if you have questions or ideas you wish to share with us during this time. 

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Personal stories

By sharing our experiences, together we can end the stigma


World Suicide Prevention Day: Mark's Story

"It's good to encourage people to speak out and and talk if they need support with their mental health. That works for a lot of people but what if you don’t want to, or feel unable to? What then?"

1st September 2020, 1.00pm | Written by: Mark Smith

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World Suicide Prevention Day: Kerry's Story

On WSPD, Kerry talks about why it is important to start the conversation around suicide prevention.

1st September 2020, 12.00pm | Written by: Kerry Flower-Fitzpatrick

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World Suicide Prevention Day: Mark's Story

On WSPD, Mark reminds us to check in on our friends and family and to be there for them during their time of need.

1st September 2020, 12.00pm | Written by: Mark Abraham

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Campaigning to #EndStigma around #MentalHealth in Wales.


Talking Is A Lifeline

It's time we asked the question for men's mental health. It's time to change Wales. #TalkingIsALifeline

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What is mental health?

Mental health problems might actually be more common than you think. One in four of us will be affected by mental illness in any year.

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Need urgent support?

If you are experiencing mental health problems or need urgent support, there are lots of places you can go to for help.

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