All I can do is sit and dream,

About a life and future that should have been,

But instead of success, exclusion and doubt,

After giving my best, how could this come about ?

Exclusion is bullying, but hard to define,

Leaving someone out leads only to decline.

First you'll notice they start to withdraw,

Stop mixing with people, don't partake anymore.


The light in their eyes will start to diminish,

For the person excluded, this is a fight to the finish.

The smile you took for granted will be no more,

That'll be the hardest for them to restore.

Trust, loyalty, love and enthusiasm are numb,

It's too late now, your damage is done.

To the exclusive, it was nearly mission accomplished,

You tried to ruin someone special,you're the one that's diminished. 


So this is to everyone who survived being excluded,

Jealousy was their motive, you should feel included.

You aren't their first victim, you won't be their last,

But you belong to a group now, the group of Outcast.

Now with time on your hands, it's your turn to analyse,

look beyond their glamour, see their disguise.

They are exclusive, bullies and are in everyway wrong,

You're too good for them, you don't belong.


Now you're in the home only for the Brave,

The land of Warriors, Knights and Knave,

Make peace at the River, lay down your sword,

Listen to the rush of the water, don't feel the discord.

Let the breeze lift your hair , the sun warm your face,

You survived the desert, you've earned your place.

Exclusion is cruel, to only it's victim,

But when we get back up, they won't know what hit them.


(c) Eve Spiccelli January 2019.


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