Ever since the age of seventeen and a half I have experienced depression throughout all of my twenties. My depression came from losing twin boys in 2000, and right in the middle of my A Levels.

Where most people my age were discussing what university they were going to and where to go on weekends, I felt stuck in this terminal grief which eventually alienated me from everyone I knew and as a result I didn't do as well as I thought.

Fast forward a year later I met my future husband Dean, and in 2002 I gave birth to my eldest child Samuel. The depression returned and I finally had it diagnosed by a doctor, then a year later I gave birth to my eldest daughter Jessica. Despite having two small children under the age of five, I successfully managed to complete a degree in Psychology part time. In 2007, my dissertation year I had my youngest daughter Mia.
The depression comes and goes like tidal waves, one day in 2012 Dean bought me a lap top computer as a wedding anniversary present. This has sparked something within me, ever since I lost the twins my creative side crumbled. Then with my new computer I started writing again, I enrolled onto a writing course in Bridgend College and haven't stopped since.
Despite all my obstacles, I have set up my own business called Leftfield Theatre Company. I had two productions on at the chapter arts centre. Now my one woman show Modern living is being performed on the Edinburgh fringe later this year. It gets people talking about mental health as we all know people like my character. It's a very relevant story, and I don't want to give too much away.
Also it's being performed in Porters bar, Cardiff as a pre Edinburgh preview on the 22nd of May, 7.30pm. Tickets available via Modernliving.ticketsource.co.uk.

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