When I talk about mental health and the effects that most of us feel and have to endure, I put these two poems together. As a sufferer and a carer for someone with mental health issues; can we really get through life's struggles without either of these two?

I do love my coffee, but at the same time, I do fight with not getting enough or any sleep and it is obvious to most that these two go hand in hand.

Too much coffee can result in a rush and a fuel inspired lack of sleep or not even feeling tired, but when the fuel runs out beware as this is when the wall will fast approach.

Then you find sleep and the dreamland you can find yourself in, but could too much sleep eventually affect your physical health? Will you become lazy and love your bed more and more with each sheep endorsed nap?

So before you go on and read these poems, does it seem to have a fine balance between these two evils, a balance that most of us seem to tip heavily on one of these, I know I do!



If you drink too much coffee,
you will go very potty
and after you will feel groggy.
Your eyes will become hazy and foggy
this is not a real hobby
please stop acting like a zombie.

Sometimes it comes small and frothy
it can even be tall and frosty.
Softly it does enter your body
around it goes sliding sloppy
wishy-washy into the potty.
Oh, how I love my coffee.




Whilst I lay in my bed
trying to catch that last zed,
I might just lose my head
a lack of sleep feeds the dread.

I weep when I cannot sleep,
I keep on counting those black sheep
they leap, leap, and leap...
Until eventually, I fall asleep.

Again I wake from my sleep
I ache and then I weep,
I take a break, then creep
back to bed, where's that sheep?


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