Yay!! Another event supported by Time to Change Wales! Rather excited to be going along, as it is an afternoon/evening of live musicians sharing their talent.

I wondered if I was going to get there on time, as the train was delayed. Then on the way to Aberystwyth University I HAD to stop off at Andy’s Records, I mean what trip to Aber would be complete without... bank account lighter by one Therion CD. I continued up the hill; pausing at set of steps, I resisted the urge to send out for a St Bernard with brandy (yes, I really am that unfit! Smile) and eventually made it there in time for tea and cake, before it started!!

Before I go any further I have to point out that the MaD stands for Music And Dance, this is because someone asked me about the political correctness of the name...

Starting with an apology is never good, but here we go! Sorry to the two amazingly talented people playing on the harp and the violin to greet people coming to the event, I didn’t write down your names, but I couldn’t let you go without a mention. Smile

The first act was a whole choir, Côe Gobaith (Hope Choir), which bounced in with an uplifting harmony ‘Never give up,’ then on to a Welsh language song, I think it was ‘Heart of Wales,’ as I heard the word calon; I really must brush up on my Welsh heritage, and true rebel song came next, ‘I swear by the lake of the mountain, I will never rest until all oppression is dead.’ I can’t explain why I was so moved by the next song, must be something to do with the spirit behind it, a translation into Welsh of Martin Luther King’s words from his famous speech, ‘I have a dream.’ They did six songs in all and it was a rousing start to the event.

Dai Sharkey was on top quirky form, as usual! With trademark make up flowers tattoo

Zen’s fabulous talents were obvious from the start, even though the keyboard was smaller than the one he was used to. Starting with a Baroque classical piece, he effortlessly changed to ‘Tell me why, I don’t like Mondays,’ before the constraints of a smaller keyboard hampered his skill and he retired to great applause.

OK! Think campfire, think open starry skies, think Mike Farrah playing the guitar with his evocative lyrics about nature, the sea and the wind in your hair ... tumbling songs about love, loss and hope; ‘putting your faith in the rock of love.’ A gentle interlude before Joy took to the stage.

Joy sang insightful songs, Shapeshifting, about how a person changes with the buffeting of life, and how if by changing those events it would be possible to ‘choose a different me,’ and another song forming the longing that she feels when away on holiday, however sunny she still has ‘Mae hireath arn i am Gymru,’ a longing for Wales.

Right! Another ‘sorry’ coming up, to the creative woman who did a dance presentation called ‘Behind the eye,’ I didn’t get your name. It was thought provoking, and although I wrote what I saw down, I can’t explain it. It was about energy fields of two people being circles and forming the same shape as an eye. I guess you just had to be there. Yes really ... you have to be there!! The talent is so eclectic, you won’t be bored!!

Go girl power! Miranda joined up with Lucy and Hannah to make up Crazy Beaches (I do hope I got the name right!); formed only one week ago! With Lucy powerfully singing the bluesy number ‘All of me’ and Country Girl; written by Miranda while she was in Cardiff, about coping strategies and how life is good in the country.

Zen’s fabulous talents were obvious from the start, even though the keyboard was smaller than the one he was used to

Dai Sharkey was on top quirky form, as usual! With trademark make up flowers tattoo. His stark, yet touching lyrics about the highs and lows of schizophrenia; taken from his album Schizophrenic, was joined by a new ‘baby,’ created by himself and Miranda. The name of the song is Proud and it is being given online airplay from Seattle to Sidney! ‘GET TOGETHER AND SAY IT LOUD, NO SHAME, WE’RE SANE, WE’RE PROUD!’

We then had a bluegrass treat from Steve, a cheeky little number about how he wants a ‘cosy place, nowhere left to fall,’ to have a ’jacuzzi with you!’ ;) Also a heartfelt plea, potted in a song, ‘Don’t change my life, not now...’

A sultry song called Obsession, by Lucy, filled in the remaining time, before the very entertaining event was brought to a close!

All congratulations go to Miranda (fab to see you again) and Rachel (great to meet you) for organizing the event, and Lucy and Hannah for volunteering to help. Miranda took the lead in introducing the events and Rachel; who wrote the MaD Cafe application to TtCW, took loads of pictures of the performers.


The next MadCaff is in Cardigan on Saturday April 12. Get tickets and find out about future events here

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