For Time to Talk Day 2021, we are pleased to announce that we are teaming up with Ramblers Cymru to encourage people across Wales to Walk and Talk. Ramblers Cymru is a walking charity who work to promote walking for health and pleasure. Sometimes it’s easier to have a conversation about mental health whilst doing something active such as walking.

Whether it’s going for a stroll in a local park or hiking up a hill, walking is a great way to start a small conversation about mental health, to make a big difference. Why not arrange a Walk and Talk with a member of your household? A local lunch break walk can often help break up the day. Take the opportunity to stay well and connected throughout winter. Share photos of your walks using the hashtag #TimeToTalk and we will repost across TwitterFacebook and Instagram

Ramblers Cymru have hand-picked the following walks and made them exclusively available until Time to Talk Day on Thursday 4 Feb 2021. There are a range of walks all across Wales that are moderate and accessible where possible. Given the current government guidelines, all exercise should start and finish at home and we implore you to stay local and stay safe. 

To access the walks simply register for a free account on the Ramblers Cymru website! 

People who leave near the coast can check out the Wales Coast path near where they live:

For people in the South Wales Valleys area:

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