Over the last 2 weeks, Rathbone Training centres have been working in conjunction with Time to Change Wales in Neath and Swansea by inviting mental health Champions into centres to openly discuss mental health, encourage discussions and improve the knowledge of their young people around mental health issues.

Rathbone Training's young people were given an insight into a range of issues surrounding health and well-being by participating in valuable and informative sessions to promote positive mental health and well-being. For those affected by these issues, the messages given were encouraging. It was important to ensure that they are being supported properly and they understand that 'it's ok, not to be ok’.

Each Champion – Steve and Izzy - talked about Time to Change Wales and how it was time to change the stigma related to mental health. Discussions took place around the effects of good and bad mental health, and how the impacts prompted valuable open discussions on personal experiences.

The Champions shared their own personal experiences and stories with the groups and explained how everyone could help support friends and family. They also shared available options for further support. All learners who participated in these sessions enjoyed their time and involvement.

Some students quoted:

"Steve and Izzy were very interesting and showed us where we could get help if needed, and told us that others had problems too so you’re never alone’’

"Steve was a great guy and we respected him opening up and sharing his story’’

"Steve and Izzy provided us with lots of relevant information on mental health’’

"Izzy was excellent in facilitating discussion and then gave an insight of her journey and battle with her mental health from a very young age’’

If you're interested in studying at Rathbone, you can contact them on 0330 123 3220 or email trainme@rathboneuk.org.

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