“Schizophrenic”: Welsh songwriter’s Newport theatre gig to end mental health stigma

Welsh singer-songwriter Dai Sharkey will host a free event at Newport’s Riverfront Theatre on Saturday November the 2nd, in a unique show called Schizophrenic, which combines his ‘dark folk’ music with personal stories and memoir from Dai and other musicians about their experiences of living with mental illness.

As Dai explains:

“The evening will consist of live music by some of the best talent in Wales as well as personal testimony from both the artists and supporters sharing their lived experiences of mental illness and the associated social obstacles.”

I've named all my projects thus far 'Schizophrenic' - my latest album, my own tour and now this Time To Change Wales project - as firstly the word is provocative and misunderstood but secondly to de-sensitize people to using, seeing and discussing it. It's great, I have a lot of feedback from people telling me that they now know how to spell it for starters!”

Also playing at the event are Mad Tom’s Crowd, Bel and the Hangdogs and Space Otter. Previous Schizophrenic gigs have featured call-and-answer audience involvement, singalongs and some very funny, as well as moving moments as the musicians talk about their experiences of living with mental illness.

Dai and his friend Peter also feature in the latest Time to Change Wales campaign, which shows that you don’t have to be a superhero, a rocket scientist or an astronaut to be extraordinary, you just have to be a friend. To prove the point, Peter appears in a superhero costume, complete with cape. You’ll see Dai and Peter on billboards, take away boxes and videos, making the point that a few simple words like ‘how are you?’ can make a big difference.

Dai Sharkey presents ‘Schizophrenic’ at Newport Riverfront on November the 2nd. Both events are free but numbers are limited. Tickets available at www.eventbrite.co.uk

See Dai and Peter talking about mental health here.

See pictures from Dai’s previous ‘Schizophrenic’ show here.

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