The Honest Poet's Story

"When I first was diagnosed I felt as though the words I was using confused people. As I started to realise not everyone was gonna understand I became more introvert about sharing.

Every time I stand on stage I get to release the build-up of stress from situations that are weighing me down. It takes the weight off my shoulders. Everyone is on their own level of what they are going through and I appreciate and accept and embrace everyone. I am an uplifter, showing people it’s good to express yaself in any way, shape or form.

It is okay to be yourself, you don’t always have to talk. The feelings that you are having are only temporary and they will pass. Remember you are not your thoughts. We are much more."

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When I first started struggling with anxiety and panic attacks at 14 I was too scared to tell anyone. I was alone and isolated. I ended up using Childline’s online service and they helped me figure out what to do.

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For a long time I was afraid to talk about mental health, afraid that if I did it would come back to hurt me.

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