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People who get you through

written by Natasha Davies-Hopton 30/09/2016

Hey there fellow mental health warriors. I want to tell you about how I recently got through a bad patch of illness with the help of the people that are around me.

I'll save you all from the ugly side of it, suffice to say it wasn't nice, but it all started when I had to have time off work with a bug. Then the anxieties about money set it. If anyone asked though I was totally ok.

It got to the point where I couldn't even go to work through my anxiety and I spent my days wallowing in sadness and trying to hide from people the fact I was having difficulty.


Then a friend told me, in no uncertain terms, that I needed help and I needed to help myself.

This gave me the incentive I needed to seek help from the medical community and to speak to my friends about how I was feeling. It was a hard two weeks of sorting myself out though but now I'm back in work and getting out and about.

If I would have spoken to my friends about how I was feeling, I could have maybe avoided the lows I was feeling at the time.

I know my friends are there to help me and now I'm myself again, I can help everyone around me, friends and family. I couldn't help anyone or myself when I was ill and neither can you guys.



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