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Laughter is the best form of medicine?

written by Steve Thomas-Spires 04/08/2017

Last year whilst sitting in a group of likeminded people for a mood management session, one of the other “sitters” mentioned that they would sometimes, if confronted with a difficult situation, just burst out into laughter, no matter where or when!

So this prompted us all to try our range of laugh’s so to speak, some being a bit nervous then others in the group and obviously held back from a full on stomach buster. So I went away and wrote this poem for the group on the subject of laughing, it did have the desired effect whilst they were reading it and after.



When I chortle I can feel less mournful
My laugh when evil sounds more primeval
When I cackle I can leave unshackled
My laugh when confused leaves others bemused

I snicker at other people's knickers
My laugh of joy when I play with my toys
My giggle makes my bum wiggle
My laugh when happy makes me feel less crappy

I often titter at a quitter
My laugh from relief lessens the grief
I can chuckle so much my legs often buckle
My laugh when nervous can mean I'm uncertain

I always snort at those who fall short
My laugh when shocked cannot be topped
I snigger when it makes me feel less bigger
My laugh of mirth should be given a wide birth

My guffaw is the mother lode... Hurrah!


I hope you have enjoyed this poem and hopefully it also made you laugh or even a little smile or maybe a stomach buster was needed.


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