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written by Stephen Lewis 09/03/2017

Anxiety from the minute I wake

to the time I go to bed.


Anxiety in my thoughts and dreams

from my toes into my head.


Anxiety that makes my hands shake

and makes my stomach turn.


Anxiety that frustrates me

and makes my eyes burn.


Depression can be so different

but the anxiety makes me low.


I could stay in bed all day

even when there's places I should go.


I feel alone but I'm not lonely,

I'm listened to but not heard.


I stare into the darkness

asking for help but there's no words.


Some days it gets alot better

when people I love are there.


Its the texts, calls, chats and hugs

that remind me someone cares.


Everyday - a poem by Stephen Lewis, Time to Change Wales Champion.

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Submitted by Bethany on Mar 13th, 2017

Lovely poem. I know someone special who'd benefit from this.

Submitted by Sam on Mar 13th, 2017

Great poem dude????

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