Jamie first started creating Hip Hop Theatre in 2008 and has since been experimenting to find new ways to express himself. Tackling themes of suicide and mental health, Jamie has said he finds Hip Hop theatre to be an empowering process which helps him release the dark thoughts and lift the weight that they create. 

Jamie Berry uses Hip Hop Theatre to express himself around mental health

My first experience of Hip Hop Theatre was in 2008 with Bboy Banksy at Swindon Dance on a piece called 'ReBirth'. Since then I have experimented using Hip Hop theatre and finding new ways to express myself.

I find that theatre is a great platform for conversation, a place to discuss feelings, issues and difficult topics that otherwise are not discussed in real life.

My aim is to help other people talk to inspire them on journey healing. I have found that theatre and dance has been a place for me to open up about my depression and the thoughts in my head, expressing these thoughts has helped me come to terms with the darkness that is in my mind.

In 2016 I created my first solo show for a Boy Blue ent show, where I talked openly about suicide and why I had made suicide attempts. In 2018 I worked on 'People Picture Power Perception' as part of a creative learning scheme with National Theatre Wales, my work was well received by Welsh critics and audiences and I had the opportunity to work with Avant Cymru supported by RCT theatres to create an R&D idea. Today I share my pre R&D ideas about how to put together dance, theatre and hip hop to create a platform for conversation.

Dealing with such a personal subject, I find the process of creating theatre empowering. It releases the dark thoughts and lifts the weight that they create.

Jamie Berry uses Hip Hop Theatre to express himself around mental health

'Dark Thoughts' opened at the Swansea Fringe and will be performed as part of the World Mental Heath Day event in Porth, October 10th at 7pm. Full details here.

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