This may involve agreeing a ‘return to work’ plan that gradually increases the hours a team member works after being off ill. It may also require a little more flexibility in terms of hours worked or support offered by line managers.

Talking to someone about their mental health problem

Fear and myths about mental health problems can make it hard to talk with employees about their mental health. Read our talking tips to help you start the conversation.

Short-term illness

The HSE has produced a great checklist of sickness absence dos and don’ts to help employers and HR staff.

From sick note to fit note

In April 2010 the sick note became a fit note. This Department for Work and Pensions website explains how it works.

Wellness Recovery Action Plans

Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) is a 'self-management' tool used to help individuals take more control over their own wellbeing and recovery. This document offers information and further resources about the approach.

Mental Health Awareness and Mental Health First Aid

It can be really helpful to provide training to managers and employees to demystify mental health problems, and give them skills to support people who are showing symptoms such as stress, anxiety, paranoia or depression. These links give more information about training that might help your organisation: