Support for employers

Mental illness is more common than you might think.

Research by Mind (2018) reveals that of 44,000 employees surveyed, nearly half (48%) say they have experienced a mental health problem in their current job. This will be having a significant effect on your workplace and employees, but it can be improved.

Mental health at work is becoming less taboo and it is a myth to think people with mental health problems can’t work. It is vital to understand that they can and do work, and with the right knowledge and skills you can support your employees to stay well; saving you money and maintaining your productivity.

Good business sense

Mind finds that poor mental health at work is costing employers around £33 billion per year as a result of absence, performance and staff turnover. It makes sense to support employees who are struggling with mental health problems.

A study from August 2018 finds that employers are doing more now to support staff with mental health issues - from reviewing flexible working options, to organising counselling for staff & training for managers to better support staff.

Research shows that if supported, they will become more loyal, engaged and motivated, which can only be good for business.

Useful Links

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Mind's taking care of business campaign aims to assist employers and employees in tackling issues surrounding mental health at work