Anti-stigma talks

Our Time to Change Wales Champions deliver anti-stigma training that incorporates their first hand experiences  to community groups and organisations who want to be challenge stigma.


"Rachel spoke with such honesty, confidence, at times humour and was so open to blunt and sometimes admittedly-ignorant questions, she has genuinely changed my perception of mental illness in one life changing session"
Network Rail


The information and training sessions for groups are flexible and can last between 20 – 90 minutes. Audiences will meet our Time to Change Champions, view a specially commissioned film on mental health stigma and have the opportunity to discuss issues raised by the film with those who have a lived experience of stigma and discrimination.

Inviting our Champions to your organisation provides many benefits:

  • A free training session
  • Demonstrating your commitment to challenging stigma and discrimination in the workplace
  • Making the workplace an environment where it’s ok to talk about mental health
  • Helping to create a mentally healthy workplace
  • Improving mental health and reducing stigma has been shown to increase staff morale and reduce absenteeism
  • Enhancing perception of your organisation as a caring and supportive employer.

Inviting our Champions to talk to your organisation also helps tremendously in supporting them through their recovery. They receive training and support that helps them develop new skills and boosts confidence.


"Introducing Frank to the group last week – a Champion Educator at Hafal, brought another fascinating insight into how close to home mental health issues can arise and I know he made an impression on the class"
South Wales Police