Be extraordinary. Talk about mental health.

We all know someone who has experienced a mental health problem. Our latest campaign shows how talking about it can really help. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist, ninja, lion tamer, fairy godmother, astronaut or superhero to be extraordinary. You just need to be a friend.

Like our bodies, our minds can become unwell. Starting a conversation about mental health is important because it helps people to recover. It can also strengthen relationships between friends, family and colleagues. And it starts to take the taboo out of something that affects us all.

If your friend had a broken leg, or he or she had just come out of hospital after an operation, you probably wouldn’t think twice about asking how they were. Sometimes that’s all it takes – asking someone how they are.

We know it can be hard to know how to start your conversation about mental health,so we’ve provided lots of tips to help. You can also watch our videos of people discussing how they started talking about mental health and how important it has been. Or print out our tips card to keep as a handy reminder in your purse or wallet.

You can help us to #EndStigma by signing our online pledge and inviting your friends. Or raise awareness by downloading our materials and sharing them.

How to help someone with mental health problems

If someone you know is experiencing mental health problems or needs urgent support, there are lots of services that you can go to for help.

You can also find out more about: